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    Character Sheet (Template) Empty Character Sheet (Template)

    Post by Methewey on Sun Dec 08, 2013 1:11 am

    Each character starts with a total of 100 Power Points (PP) to spend on their stats. Each has it's own cost to raise it a preset amount. These points cannot be spent on Specials on the first level. They aren't spent on Equipment at all. Spend your point, then fill in your equipment and powers with what you would like to see. An admin will approve your stats and construct your powers and equipment before posting your completed character in the Approved Character section.  

    Core Scores

    HP: 100 (10 PP/+10 HP)
    SP: 75 (10 PP/+5 SP)
    P. Atk: 2 (10 PP/+1 Atk)
    S. Atk: 2 (10 PP/+1 Atk)
    P. Def: 10 (10 PP/+1 Def)
    S. Def: 10 (10 PP/+1 Def)

    Any starting equipment will give no bonuses, unless you give up a Special slot for them.



    Fill these out with power descriptions, and an admin will construct them for you. Make sure to put everything you'd like to see in the description so we can make sure we get it right.

    Special 1:
    Special 2:
    Special 3:
    Special 4:
    Special 5:

    Limit Break
    Just like specials fill this are out with a descriptor of your limit, whether it be a form or Uber Special. The more descriptive the easier for us to give you what you want.

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