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    Post by Bozz on Tue Nov 26, 2013 1:11 pm

    The Hub
    Headquarters: Training Room

                 Silva smiled as he looked at the robot.  

                 "Weapon of destruction huh,  Heh it is not the number of guns but how you use them.  Spike please make ready, I may need your help in cleaning in a moment."  Silva said as inhaled deeply and put his hands to his mouth.  

                Another glyph appeared this time yellow, in front of the man's mouth  and out of his mouth erupted a large beam of solar energy.  The beam scorched the ground with it's energy burning deeply as he led it across the ground, and up the wall with the beam just narrowly passing by the robot.  As his breath ran out he let the beam die leaving a large trench burned across the floor and up the wall.

               "Never judge a mage by their looks"  He reiterated to the robot.  

                "I was not made a leader of the Wanderer's because of my complexion.   It was because I pack a wallop, without sending the indigenous populations scurrying in terror.  Sorry for the mess Law but I felt the recruit needed a better demonstration.  Spike I apologize but if you could show us that alchemy again it interests me, do to the use of symbols similar to the ones that  appear naturally when us mages cast magic.  I can see it is a lot more dangerous to the untrained then my magic is tho."   Silva said thinking of the recruit who had just tried to copy the man's abilities.  

                "Anyways, any questions pertaining to exploration I can answer.  And I can be found at any time in my personal tree house inside the arboretum if you have any questions later."  Silva said referring to his literal tree house.  the arboretum housed many plants, from many worlds. and amongst the trees was an extremely large tree.  It large enough he had easily hollowed out the tree's center creating a space large enough to live in without even harming the tree.  It was where he spent much of his time off duty either inside the tree reading, or in it's branches basking in the sunlight both natural and artificial.

                The grumbling of his stomach told him he may have overdid the beam and he hoped this meeting would be finished soon so he could go eat.


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    Post by Hellome3 on Tue Nov 26, 2013 10:47 pm

    Bozz wrote: Spike I apologize but if you could show us that alchemy again it interests me, do to the use of symbols similar to the ones that  appear naturally when us mages cast magic.  I can see it is a lot more dangerous to the untrained then my magic is tho.
    Spike snapped out of the trance he was in and regarded Silva. "Ah, sure. Just a moment." Spike walked over to the wall and scratched in another circle around the trench melted into the wall and floor. When he was finished he cast his alchemy fixing the wall.

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    Post by Methewey on Wed Nov 27, 2013 12:19 pm

    Headquarters: The Portal Room
    Two hours later......

    After giving the recruits a tour of Headquarters, along with showing them their living quarters, Law eventually lead the group to The Portal Room. Before entering, he turned to face the group. "This is the Portal Room. Inside you will find portals to all the realms we have discovered so far. Each one is divided into a different classification, as described in A Brief History." Law opened the door and led everyone into the room. It was a large circular room, containing four large glass doors. Above each door was a a black and purple plaque stating which class of realm was contained within. Law led the group up to the one containing the "A" Class Realms.

    "As you can see next to each door is a card reader. This is where you will need the "Realm Cards" you were provided upon your recruitment." As he said this he pulled one out of his pocket and slid it into the reader. There was a short beep and the doors slid open.

    "Each card is personalized specifically for each of you. Meaning it will work for you and only you. On top of that, you can only use your card to get into realms that have been approved for you by the archivists. This card also acts as your portal home, but we'll get to that later." Law lead them through the doors and in to the room. Inside were more doors, each one leading to a different realm, and containing a large crystal gate. Law lead them them through the one labelled The Land of Ooo. Law stood in front of the gate and looked up at a camera in the corner. A voice came over the loudspeaker.

    "Opening up Crystal Gate, The Land of Ooo. Be safe guys." A hum began to come out of the gate as the room filled with energy. A swirl of energy began to form in the middle of the gate until it filled the entire area of the crystal. Law turned to the group once more.

    "For this exercise we will be making contact with a person of interest inside this realm. This will be a non-combat mission, so keep your weapons holstered. And make sure to follow the rules listed in your copy of The Red Book. Once inside you will be following Silva's direction. Listen to him and do exactly as he says. Please save any issues or questions for our return." With that he led them through the gate.

    (Now I need you to refer to The Land of Ooo in the portal room. I will be posting a lead post in their later today.)

    Remember that Darkness lingers in every heart. -Master Eraqus
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