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    Name: Methias Law
    Type: Keyblade Master
    World: The Land of Departure (KH)
    Affiliation: The Guardians (Instructor/Recrtuiter)

    Description: Methias Law is a middle aged man with long black hair, and a mysterious demeanor. He is typically seen in a suit, however he may sometimes be seen in a grey and black kimono. His hair is always back in a pony tail.

    Personality: Damian is a man of few words. He never speaks of his past, it's always more important to think of the future. He may come off as strict to those below him in the organization, but in the end all he wants is to lead them down the right path. Most often times he appears sullen or lost in deep thought, as if he is troubled. Because of this his rarely seen with a smile on his face. He rarely approves of shenanigans, and is quick to reprimand someone for not taking their work seriously. Despite all this he cares strongly for his subordinates like they were his own children. He would quickly throw himslf in the line of fire if it meant saving one of his own.

    History: Law's History contains spoilers for the game Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Read this section at your own risk!
    Law originates from the restricted realm of The Land of Departure, where he was known as Eraqus. In the past, Eraqus was a Keyblade user alongside his fellow apprentice Xehanort. When Eraqus passed the Mark of Mastery, he succeeded his Master in becoming steward of the Land of Departure while Xehanort was free to travel the worlds as a Seeker. Years later, Eraqus is reunited with his friend before learning of Xehanort's intent to recreate the χ-blade, the legendary weapon from which the Keyblades were modeled after and was capable of unlocking Kingdom Hearts, by causing another Keyblade War. When his pleas failed to reach him, Eraqus resolved to strike his friend down, only to be scarred instead. Sometime after, having took Aqua and Terra under his wing, Eraqus receives a new apprentice in Ventus, with Xehanort faking regret to win his friend's trust back for his agenda.

    Deeming his oldest apprentices ready, Master Eraqus prepares to hold the Mark of Mastery with Ventus and Xehanort as witnesses. The exam is carried out soon afterwards, with Aqua passing while Terra fails, Eraqus believing that Terra is unqualified on the grounds that he is unable to control his darkness yet personally feels that Terra has potential. Little does Eraqus know that Master Xehanort had used his dark powers to tamper with the course of the Exam itself.

    Soon after, while educating Aqua on the responsibilty she now has, they are alerted by Yen Sid that the worlds are being attacked by mysterious creatures called Unversed. With Xehanort missing, Eraqus sends Terra and Aqua to find him while dealing with the threat. Sensing a possible connection between the two events, once Terra is out of view, Eraqus instructs Aqua to look after Terra to make sure he is not tempted by the darkness. However, after Terra departs, Aqua and Eraqus witness Ventus leaving as well, and he instructs Aqua to bring Ventus back.

    When Ventus returns of his own will later, Eraqus attempts to welcome him back before the boy confronted him on what he knew about the χ-blade and how he is to make it. Realizing that Xehanort used for his plan, Eraqus is left with no choice but to kill Ventus so Xehanort's scheme would fail. However, Xehanort expected the reaction and arranged Terra to come to Ventus's aid. When Terra refuses to step aside, seeing that embraced his darkness, Eraqus is left no choice but to kill Terra as well. After sending Ventus to the Destiny Islands, Terra uses his dark powers to mortally wound Eraqus. As both he and Terra show remorse for their actions against the other, more guilt-ridden as he attacked his own apprentices without a second thought, Eraqus is attacked from behind by Xehanort dealing the deathblow. Eraqus fades as he collapses into Terra's arms.

    Eraqus's death, and the destruction of the Land of Departure, were Terra's sole motivation to confront Xehanort on the the Keyblade Graveyard. After taking Terra's body as his new vessel, amazed that Terra's heart is resisting his dominance, Xehanort learns that Eraqus's heart endured and entered Terra. Both Eraqus' position as protector of the Land of Departure, and his Keyblade, were inherited by Aqua.

    Law was brought straight to The Hub after his supposed death, and it was there that he was nursed back to health. He adopted his new name to symbolize his detachment from his past life. It was due to his insight that his Realm is restricted, and though he is the only one who can maintain contact with the realm he has never gone back. He has since become one of greatest recruits The Guardians has sen, and has continued to exceed expectations since his appointment as the Training Instructor.

    Wanted powers: Unlike most Keyblades, Law's is built specifically for CQC. He should have high stats in attack and defense. He also is the only Keyblade Wielder to have the ability to use his weapon to truly "unlock" the fabric of reality, though this drains him considerably. He gave up his ability to cast magic with the keyblade in exchange for this.

    Special 1: Temporal Art μ: Sonic Blade: Law ports near an enemy, and then jets forward with a slash attack before porting again. He can do this up to 3 times in one attack.
    Special 2: Temporal Art Σ: Zantetsuken: Law gives up his move action in return for a single powerful strike to one enemy. Afterwards he is dazed for one turn.
    Special 3: Temporal Art Ζ: Faith: Law raises his Keyblade into the air and calls down the power of light down onto his enemies.
    Special 4: Temporal Art Ψ: Time Splicer: (Law is enveloped in the power of light, and can port anywhere as long as it is followed with an attack. Enemy unable to react. This is a different form which drains life whilst active.)

    Weapon: The Master Keeper Damian Law Eraqus_s_Keyblade_KHBBS

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