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    Combat Training Empty Combat Training

    Post by Methewey on Thu Dec 26, 2013 8:43 pm

    The Hub: Headquarters
    The Training Room

    The group stepped out into the Training Room. The room must have been cleaned while the group was gone, because it looked virtually unused.After the last person was through, Law closed the portal behind them and turned to the group.

    "This will be the last portion of your initiation, combat training. During this portion we will have you face a wave of enemies, while each Leader watches. Your combat prowess will be gauged and each of you will be chosen for a different group here in the organization based on what we see." Law waved for Silva to follow him and started for the door. He stopped just before the door.

    "You may wish to wake up our new friend, you'll be starting in just a couple minutes." And with that they left the room, the door sliding shut behind them.

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