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    Post by Methewey on Sun Dec 08, 2013 4:54 am

    The following is a step by step guide for getting started here in War of the Guardians. Pm one of the admins (Methewey, Burger Sushi, Bozz) if you have any questions.

    Step 1: Read The Guardians: A Brief History and The Red Book before you do anything else. This will introduce you to the setting, as well as giving you an idea of the rules.

    Step 2: Post in Introduce yourself, and start hitting the chatbox so you can get to know your fellow players.

    Step 3: Next is character creation. Fill out the Character Description Template and post it in Character Creation. Make sure you title it with your characters name.

    Step 4: Fill out the Character Sheet Template, then post it as a reply to your character description. One this is done let an admin know and they'll review it. Then they'll either have you make changes or approve it. Once it is approved we move to....

    Step 5: Your finished character will be posted in the Approved Characters section as well the Dossiers section in the Archives. Now you're ok to post. Let an admin know when you'r ready to be queued in.

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