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    Mika Rayleigh Empty Mika Rayleigh

    Post by BurgerSushi on Sat Nov 23, 2013 3:56 am

    Name: Mika Hayashi (Rayleigh)

    Class: Devil Fruit User

    World: One Piece

    Affiliation: Guardian

    Description: Mika has long blue hair, and green eyes. Compared to other women her age, she has an overall uncaring for what she wears, usually opting for a undersized t-shirt and oversized mens pants. The hat she wears is brown with a sherif looking star pinned to it.

    She has MANY tattoos. (To be listed later)

    Mika also carries around a pair of glasses, which she only wears during battle as to not look "like a nerd".

    Personality: Mika tends to attract everyone with her bubbly nature. Though she can be vicious, she's always quick to a smile and a joke. Almost never taking anything seriously, she comes off as quite an air head. The one thing she does take seriously is respect, while not giving it in the conventional sense, she tries her hardest to always be respectful. She is a very outspoken person, telling things as they are, getting into trouble often with her brutal truths. She tends to drink and eat in large portions, leaving her quite drunk and sated in her free time.

    History: As a young girl she never knew her father, her mother hid his identity until just a few years ago. Finding out that Silvers Rayleigh was her father just enforced her dream of becoming a pirate captain. She had lived out her childhood in a small town surrounding a port that was a popular stop for pirates. She watched them eating and being merry, and had often joined in their festivities. They had often made joke about how she could never be a pirate captain, telling her she would never become strong enough, and because of that fact she strived to become stronger than these men.

    She ate the Ink Ink fruit at 16 years old, eating it mistakenly in an eating contest with one of the younger pirate boys who had docked at the port for a night. Mika hadn't noticed anything, until weeks later when she looked down to notice that the little ballerina tattoo on her arm was slowly dancing her way off of her arm. She had watched her dancing on the table for a moment until the tiny woman climbed back up her arm to rest peacefully in her original location.

    Mika joined her first crew at 17, after learning who her father was. She quickly put her pirate friends' tips to use, and became a captain in just a few months. She took a year to look for her father, but upon the anniversary of becoming a captain she was approached by a man named Law, who said he was from an organization called the Guardians. He told her he wanted to enlist her, and for some reason she accepted.

    Wanted powers: Ink Ink Fruit- Can tattoo things onto person which can be "pulled off" later and used. Ink is produced in the palm of the hand and one of the nails can turn into a needle for tattooing.

    Right Arm
    Nagaina: Female snake familiar
    Attacks= Bite- debilitating venom; turn after the first bite opponent is dazed, following turn opponent goes blind, third turn after initial bite opponent is paralyzed

    Left Forearm-
    Box 1: Bomb (three)
    Box 2: Flint lock pistol (two)

    Left Upper Arm-
    Ballerina: Not usually used in battle; can be used for reconnaissance


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