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    Spike Vünderkin Empty Spike Vünderkin

    Post by Hellome3 on Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:02 am

    Name: Spike Vünderkin: The Dragon Blade Alchemist(Title subject to change)

    Class: State Alchemist

    Type: Tank/Striker/Mage (come at me bro)

    World: Full metal Alchemist (Brotherhood)

    Affiliation: State Military of Amestris

    Description: Spike is a 24 year old  at the Military Alchemy Academy of Central city. He is of average height standing at around 5'7'' and has a burly build indicating his above average strength. He has jet black hair with the exception of a white streak caused by follicle damage from the explosion. His intellect is not to be misjudged by his somewhat brutish demeanor, he may act a little dumb when the guns aren't blazing but when it matters Spike can be a very cold calculating individual. Spike is generally wearing the military regalia of his rank with plated greaves over pants that people cant get him to remove even if it goes against the dress code. He also has a plated auto-mail left arm that he got installed after an alchemy experiment went wrong. After he got this installed he studied the basic upkeep of his arm so that if anything should go wrong on the battle field he'd know how to fix it. (per military requirements for those with auto-mail prosthetics.) Spike favors an enormous 5' sword with a 4' blade as his weapon of choice. it is of his own make (the first try blowing his arm off) being crafted alchemically of lightweight graphene (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graphene) nanotubes with a plate of steel with file pattern on the flat and back of the blade. at the hilt is a golden plated mouth holding the alchemical circle:Spike Vünderkin Roy_Mustang_Circle
    for converting the surrounding air into H2 and O2 to subsequently ignite it creating a fireball or explosion. this can be augmented given the right conditions to create other explosive compounds (such as methane "CH4" given carbon and air/water) Graphene is also a super conductor of heat so he can heat his blade as well adding damage with out potentially burning or dismembering himself. (btw if you haven't noticed im going to go all out chemistry nerd on this bitch.)    
    Personality: Spike can be pretty bull headed and haughty but when he is needed to be he can become very focused and alert and calculating.

    History: >waiting on the powers that be<

    Wanted powers: Alchemy, Basic Human Athletics (probably on par with a competing gymnast,Football player, Etc...) Basic knowledge of auto-mail, and a fairly high potential for learning ~(8/10), ability to augment his fighting style with his alchemy. (such as his sword installed with the alchemy circle for ignition, or potentially installing a revolving plate on his auto mail for quick switching between "spells" and thoughts of carrying around a "spellbook" with pre-written circles as i learn them. also thought about having the circle in the sword be re-socketable for different "spells") Fighting style similar to nora (AKA pink hammer bitch) in this;
    Start at 7:00
    Basically manipulating explosions to change momentum or change a battle field to be more useful.

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    Spike Vünderkin Empty Re: Spike Vünderkin

    Post by Methewey on Thu Nov 21, 2013 9:11 am

    Though some changes will inevitably need to be made this character is approved for RP.

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