The Guardians: A Brief History


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    The Guardians: A Brief History Empty The Guardians: A Brief History

    Post by Methewey on Mon Oct 21, 2013 5:32 am

    Year 1: The hub is founded by an entity only referred to as "Kami" from an unknown realm. He then rounds up the strongest warrior from each of the strongest realms (Shiro, Takayuki Senju, Edward Richardson, and Masato Fujiwara)  and founds The Guardians before vanishing without a trace.  Their one mission is to guard the realms and explore new ones.

    Year 5: The Guardians start a classification system for new realms. "Class S" are the ones with the highest overall power. Very few realms fall in to this category. "Class A" are realms that don't quite fall into the aforementioned category. "Class B" are realms that contain persons with more than natural abilities, however these realms are far outclassed by the those before it. And lastly "Class R", otherwise known as "The Restricted Realms".

    Year 7: The hub's upkeep begins to overwhelm The Guardians. They begin recruiting new members. The new found organization is split into factions. The Watchers handle archiving knowledge, as well as overseeing the group as a whole and constructing new portals. The Order police found worlds, making sure everything is as it should be. The Wanderers, whose sole purpose is to explore new realms. Lastly The Fist, a special unit of mercenaries who are only called upon when the need arises.

    Year 9: A team of Wanderers is lost in a new realm. A unit of Fist members is sent in for retrieval and is also lost. The realm is consequently placed in the "R" class and sealed off. it is the first one to be placed under this classification.

    Year 10: The Land of Departure is discovered. The powers contained within, coupled with the sheer magnitude of the realm, constitute it's subsequent closure. Making it the second "R" class realm. Damian Law is brought into the fold.

    Year 12: The lost team of mercenaries is found in the room containing the "S" class realms. They are quite shaken and have gone mad. Soon after they are found Edward Richardson and a large number of his mercenaries break into The Land of Departure, and bring back teams of heartless, before declaring war on the organization. His rebellion is promptly put down, not even lasting a day. Edward and his group are banished to live out their days in the Dragonball realms version of hell. Misato takes over as the leader of the Fist. Silva Insolo is brought in and appointed to lead The Wanderers.

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